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Top *10* Exercises for Strength & Power | Youth Athlete Edition

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If you are an athlete this is the video for you. I have this geared for the younger athletes but this will also work for any age. A lot of the exercises you see are from my new program coming out for young athletes. Let me know what sport you play in the comments and how you think this video will help you out.

1. Goblet squat 00:35
2. Slow walking lunges 01:32
3. Push ups 02:35
4. Banded rows 03:27
5. Single arm snatch 04:03
6. Banded pull aparts 05:04
7. Walking with weight over the head 06:01
8. Bulgarian split squat 06:36
9. Body weight squat 07:46
10. Seated boxing 08:23
Bonus. Standing one arm dumbbell press 08:55
Bonus. Prone shoulder circles 09:16
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