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(Russiaball on the thumbnail) (End of season 1) Rap Battles: Episode 10: Russiaball VS Romaniaball

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End of season 1 for Rap Battles! Female or Girl characters voiced by Kendra, Male or Boy characters voiced by Joey, Patricks Day Special, Estoniaball from Polandball and Countryballs eats a hotdog! Based on Batman Eats a Hotdog (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIGgG...), Soldier is Russiaball's soldier from Countryballs, Music is No War by IVA GONZO, So please dont give this video a copyright claim, Also, I made this video out of a Amino Story/Post, Tweedledee is a Batman Villain, he is a member of the WonderLand Gang and Mad Hatter's Henchman, Tweedledee has a cousin named Tweedledum, Real Names: Deever Tweed (Tweedledum) Dumfree Tweed (Tweedledum) The music in this video is called No War by IVA GONZO, All rights reserved, so dont give this video a copyright claim, also the image is from Batman: The Brave And The Bold, One more thing, this was made out of a Amino Story/Post!, Enjoy!, Hi! This is a new series! This is gonna be about having interviews with Arkham Asylum patients or Batman villains! Today we have Waylon Jones AKA ircategoryProfessor also known as Killer Croc! Cast are Lucas Reese as B'dg and Lucas Reese as Killer Croc and Batman is Mentioned! !Enjoy! Episodes BatmanThe Animated Series Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia is a page on BatmanThe Animated Series Wiki, Song is World Map by Jason Farnham, Song is World Map by Jason Farnham, Bud and Lou are Joker and Harley Quinn's Hyenas she adopted from the Gotham Zoo, Note: I Love Batman Begins, Batman and Scarecrow, Joker's real name is unknown and Creeper's real name is Jack Ryder he's a hero and Birds Of Prey Fanbase and Sonic Movie Fanbase SaveBirdsOfPrey! Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Bruce The Hyena Victor Fries and Nora Fries Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 3DS Amanhasfallenintotheriver BudandLou LegoCity COPPA MARKED A DC BIRDS OF PREY VIDEO FOR KIDS!!!!!!!! klarion the witch boy Atrocitus's Cat Atrocitus' Cat Red Lantern Corps Atrocities Atros Dexter Dexter Cat Let Cat Cats Pet Cats EarlyAccessProvidedByWB Condiment King EarlyAccessProvidedByWB Teekl Klarion The Witch Boy Lexbot Plays Toca Kitchen 2 The Lego Movie 2 The Videogame Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Bat-Mite Celebrating 2 months of my channel, All credit goes to Shanzy Spiderman (sorry if I mispelled it) Bud's and Lou's brothers named Bud and Lou, are planning revenge on the real Bud and Lou for a bad thing they did to him years ago, 2020 Bud and Lou Special: Bud: Lucas Reese, Lou: Lucas Reese, All other characters uncredited, Bud and Lou Extra Scene 2020: Bud: Lucas Reese, Lou: Lucas Reese, All other characters uncredited,Catwoman's Cat Roz, Timestamps for all versions: Lego Batman The Videogame (DS) 0:00, Lego DC Super-Villains 0:53, LEGO Club Magazine September - October 2014 (US) 1:40, Lego Batman The Videogame DS Scarface Impression, Lego DC Super Villains B'dg Impression, Smallvile C'hp Green Lantern Green Lantern Corps, All credit goes to the rightful owners Lego and Warner Brothers Movies, COPPA, who wants to destroy YouTube, is getting some uninvited guests! All the villains and Bud and Lou!, Ventriloquist and Scarface, all credit goes to the rightful owners, Joker Henchman's Ice Cream from Lego 7888 Batman The Tumbler Joker's Ice Cream Surprise Set in Lego DC Super-Villains, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is hiding a a really villainous plan to destroy Bud and Lou, the hyenas of Joker and Harley Quinn from DC Batman and Robin, Other info or information: With Clayface, The Joker's Motorcycle, Red Robin's Glider, Batman, Batman's Snow Mobile or Snowmobile or Prowler, Red Robin, Santa Claus leaved presents for me, too bad I didn't get him on tape, Presents of Batman Harley Quinn Joker Santa Claus Joker DC Batman and Robin, I am getting a DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia with Crackers and Giggles the villain hyenas of Joker and Harley Quinn!, I don't know what Bud and Lou weren't in the book.

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